Dr. Gizerskaya DMD

Dr. Gizerskaya graduated from Hofstra University in 2012. She completed her dental schooling from Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

It is important to be the best that you can be at everything you do. For this reason, my aspirations are two-fold: professional and personal. I dedicate just as much time and energy to being the best dentist that I can be as I do to being the best mother and wife that I can be. I consider my career to be a fluid part of my overall life and goals, and as such, my goals are always to keep my family and my patients looking and feeling their best.

My biggest hobby is definitely cooking/baking. It is something that I enjoy and think that I am pretty great at. I have introduced baking to my daughter and now this is a past time that we can enjoy and master together. Maybe when I retire I can open a little bakery – sugar free of course!


Works at:

Lenox Dental Arts
335 Lenox Ave NY NY 10027

Pinnacle Dental Care PC
2336 Grand Concourse BX, NY 10458