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Maria R

Dr. Helen Kim treated me beyond words! as an Oral Surgeon with experience of 20 years plus i felt very comfortable and at ease. I love the fact that this office offers #implants #braces #cleanings #extractions ALL in one place! and on top of that even a Laser & esthetic side and Medical doctors! wow is incredible! thank youuuu!!!!

– December 16, 2016

Jing Z

Dr. Wu is a kind and very professional dentist. He gets the job done without too much pain and is very quick with what he does. He speaks perfect Chinese so he can very effectively communicate with Chinese speakers. He is a much needed dentist for upper Manhattan area.

– November 11, 2016


Ulysses G

Very nice place, i would fore sure reccomend a friend.

– Apr 14, 2015

Kenny S

I had a good experience the first time so I will be returning.

– May 7, 2015


Louis H


– Apr 10, 2015

Hector T

The services was great. I arrived at 3:00 pm and almost immediately a kind lady took me inside to a immaculate clean room. The doctor welcomed me and and explain my procedure, allowing me to ask any question. Over all the service was fantastic. Fast, accurate and professional service was part of my visit experience.

– March 11, 2015



I had a great experience with the staff and dentist during my appointment. Everyone was professional, kind, and courteous. Thank you!

– February 2, 2015

Patricia H

I have been receiving care from here since 2012. Every time when it’s is time for my 6 month checkup, I receive a reminder call. The service I receive from the providers and the staff here is great. It is right in m neighborhood as well so it doesn’t take long to get here. I will continue to attend 125th Street dental for all of my dental needs.

– January 7, 2015


Cleveland M

my dentist was excellent!! i did not experience any pain, while he clean my teeth!! he was also very informant(while he was do each procedures he let me know why)!! also he the most amazing assistance i ever encounter!! thank you for having them!!

– January 5, 2015


There was no wait time and everyone was really friendly and attentive. I was in and out in less than 30 minutes, with no pain! Would definitely recommend this place.

– December 20, 2014


Barbara M

I was referred to Dr. H. WELL, I RECOMMEND HIM TO ANYONE…. ESPECIALLY, IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF A ROOT CANAL. I am the biggest punk ever, when it comes to needles. Funny, because I have numerous tattoos. I went to Dr. H. , expressed my fears of the needle and drilling. He was empathic, he took his time, and was just awesome!!!!! He numb the area really well, until when it was time for the needle. .. I really didn’t feel anything (but because of my fear of feeling something later, I asked for another needle.. just to make sure, hahaha and he gave it). The drilling you don’t feel a thing. I came away pleased!!!! When the medicine wore off, I was still IN GREAT SHAPE!!! SO I SAY, KEEP HIM, GO TO HIM &THANK GOD FOR DOCTORS LIKE HIM!!!

– December 1, 2014


The wait time was about an hour to see the dentist. But overall I am happy with the dentist and the care they showed me about my teeth.

– October 8, 2014


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